I host and produce a weekly podcast for Curzon Cinemas, guests have included Louis Theroux, Greta Gerwig, Bill Nighy and Lynne Ramsay. I also occasionally write about film, below you'll find some recent work for Little White Lies and The I


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Interviews and discussion about the latest high quality and independent film releases from Curzon Cinemas in the UK.

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The importance of typography in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

It’s not just the words themselves that make Mildred Hayes’ message so impactful, but how they’re written.

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Fade to black? How directors are making film credits into art 

The credits used to be the sign to get up and leave, but as directors increasingly make them an integral part of the film, you might just miss something...


Michel Hazanavicius on Redoubtable: ‘I had to be able to talk about Godard’s dark side'

The Oscar-winning director of The Artist has traded the silent era for the French New Wave in his new comic portrait of its most notorious auteur. But what did it take to channel Jean-Luc?